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Community computing in Adelaide.
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osia OSIA
Open Source Industry Association.
SVG version of the logo available.
Banners and logos available for download here

software freedom day

Software Freedom Day 2006 16 September 2006
Materials on DMCA and SFD here.


Linux AU
The hub for linux in Australia.
Logos available for download here

Chilli.gif Lucychili is a chat nick that stuck. Webchat, a dog called Lucy and this icon started it all. Spelt lucychili because of an early 9 character limit on names in irc.

Janet Hawtin is;

  • a graphic designer
  • a member of the bettong team
  • volunteer with open source and community groups.

lucychili(can be emailed at)


logos, images and photos

hjackson badger

Harry Jackson
London Linux explorer and web search innovator.


Recycling technology to provide access for all. logo developed.
Logos available for download here

Logo and TShirt design